Vacant Properties

Hi All,
Just started looking into foreclosures. First four properties I looked at have been vacant! This is three weeks before the commissioners sale and the locks have been changed and signs are posted regarding abandoned property please contact your mortgage company we have the right to take over because of condition to protect our interest.
Do I still need to locate owners to get a contract signed to purchase house, or should I research mortgage company and call lender direct. Will the lenders even talk to me without a release from owners.
I’d rather buy before sale if it is possible, but I have had no luck in locating current owners of property.
I have spent alot of time so far with no real results!!
Any Ideas?
Thanks Joe

Hey Joe.

You might try this website. Depending on the county that it is in, you may not get any information. However, it may help.

Thanks Hammertime It looks like I’ll have to vist the court house so I don’t get charged for the information! They all want money to provide a service in my county on a daily or monthly rate!!

Thanks Joe