Vacant properties

Hi everyone,

I am starting into Wholesaling/Birddogging in the Austin area. I am finding lots of vacant properties, but I am having the hardest time tracking down the owners of these properties.

I am trying to talk to the neighbors, send letters, tax records, leave notes on doors, etc. I just do not seem to be having much luck with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to locate owners of vacant houses?

Brad :banghead

Most of the houses you are finding could be gov owned. HUD, VA, Fannie Mae. These take a while to show on tax records and change from foreclosing bank to the gov. Also bankruptcy properties owned by the estate of the debtor will not show the true owner.

Looking up the deed records could be the best way but that takes time at the court house. Previous lists of foreclosure postings would also be a good place to look. That would give you who was foreclosing etc.

Another way to approach the deals is just talk to banks and let them know you are buying vacant properties and see if they have a list or website of houses for sale or coming up in the future.

Just some rambling thoughts at 6 am and hope something helps

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If you really want to get their attention stick a for sale sign in the front yard with your number on it. You’ll get a call. They may be mad, but you’ll get a call.

Or you could go to and order a bunch of bandit signs that say “we buy houses” and your number. Stick one of those in the front yard.

Is the yard being mowed? If so, ask the neighbors when the mowers are there. The mowers may know the owners.

Just some thoughts.

If you do buy your bandit signs from , and I suggest you do, be sure to tell them that I sent you.


Stacy’s right about the sign in the front yard.

Do you have a current list of vacant properties?

Al Kartaltepe

This site seems pretty good. I have not used it yet, but I hear good things. Cost $25 if they actually find the seller.


You can check out this website and see if they can help track down the owners for you.

I’ve never used their services.