Vacant Land. Best Method?

Dear Group, Newbee here. Great Forum, and looking to contribute in the future.

Looking to purchase Land for single family development,

What are the best ways to locate? What to look out for? (Pine Land, Wet Land etc)

I am thinking about purchasing a group of tax liens on vacannt land… but it takes too long to take posession. (only if they dont settle.)

Any suggestions are welcome. I know there is a way with the MLS search. But I dont have the MLS database.

Thanks in advance.


Ahh hmmm! Tax liens one of my personal favorites!! BUY AS MANY AS YOU CAN!! I know here in Colorado they are paying 12% where else can you make that kind of money with your money???Think about it 95% on property that ends up getting owned by tax liens is vacant land! The chances of you ending up with the property is about the same as you winning the lottery but those very few people that do end up with something it is Land most of the time!! make sure it is useful land that you are bidding on! But I think the most important thing I can tell you is if you get anything from the tax sell Pay your taxes on it LOL!!!

Thanks. We have looking in to that route… but there are 2 companies from FL and NY that come down to NJ and outbid everybody… they do a hugh volume that leave nothing for the small fishes like us.

Thanks for your advice… Corporate rules all and little guys like us get nothing.


So figure out who they are and call them all the day before the auction and tell them the auction has been moved out a week!

Oh I’m so sorry did I say that bad idea LOL We have a ton of that as well and with all the new tax lien siminars and courses the competition out here is even getting rough! Have you ever thought about bidding on land at pre-fore auction?

Simular to Pre-Sheriff Sale for houses? did not know they exist.


I am a land home pkg.developer/ seller. I have done the tax liens -you need a lot of capital and a lot of patience-years. It is normally used as a vehicle for interest returns. I have however wound up w/ many properties on the cheap. If the big investors are showing up and snatching up just about everything you need to find out their habits-meaning they have guidelines, you want to research the other properties and go bid for their backtaxes.

good luck, Ed

The other way is to do mailers to the owners that have a lien on them and see if they want to sell you probably could get a good deal! Remember Sales is numbers the more people you talk to the higher your chances!