Vacant Houses

There is a house that I pass everyday on the way to work that is trashed and obviously empty. How could I go about finding out who the owner is and contact them?

Go to the courthouse where the land records are kept/dealt with. They can show you how to find it…

Also the tax office can tell you. Many tax offices have their records on line (we even do and this is Louisiana!)…

Google your county and state + tax office


I just found a website… I can do a search there…but it’s $10

I’m also in LA…can you send me the link to the site where I can find out.

I went by the house today and actually looked inside and man the place is a mess. Would need all new floors and windows, the whole bathroom will have to be redone (new tub, toilet, and sink), in the den the roof is falling in… it looks like homeless people are living in it now. There were blankets laid out on the floor and beer cans all over the place. It will need new countertops… there was a small whole in the roof. This thing is in bad shape.

Try here:

If its not listed in there, try:

If not there:
go to and type in “YOUR COUNTY Tax Assessor” and you should be able to find it.

On another note, I am in the same filled, where I have a house I am highly interested in and I cant locate a contact number anywhere. No one obviously lives in the property. Let me know if you find a solution for the number thing.


Didn’t have any luck w/ those 2 sites blueboxer, but thanks anyway… I paid the 3.50 for the info on the 2nd site but it didn’t tell me anything. It said “for professional users only” where the property owner name would be.