Vacant house listings?

My partner and i are following a a real estate investing plan where we buy vacant houses in the area and will either rent or sell them.
I’m pretty new at this, what is the best way to see a listing of the local vacant houses?


One of the ways to define whether a home is occupied or not is to read the comments section and look closely at the photo's in the listing.


Physically inspecting the properties is another option. Now I am not referring to going to the house and peaking in the windows, but usually a drive-by reveals a lot. Speaking of drive-by, keep on the lookout when you are driving around town. The most profitable vacant home purchases are not always listed but rather the ones you find on your own.

Have your Realtor pull up vacant MLS listings current and expired. When I did this, my Realtor gave hundreds of properties to evaluate.

Finding a good vacant home can be like finding a diamond in the rough. It’s not easy nor simple, but if you want to go that way, you should at least know what precautions to take to protect your interest.

Location is one of the most important things when choosing a vacant house. Other things check amenities are involved. See there are any restrictions listed on the land where you choose vacant home or not.

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You can search vacant houses in your area by checking the county tax assessor’s office. You can also contact the county recorder of deeds and they will give you the information. Try to gather as much information about the property including the name of title owner and liens of the property.

You can search online on major real estate platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Bigger pockets etc. to find vacant properties in your area.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while buying a vacant property:-

  1. Search for properties
  2. Talk with neighbors
  3. Inspect the property
  4. Go to county building
  5. Locate the owner and other key individuals