Vacant house - homeowners insurance issue

My dad owns the house next door to him as a rental. He recently had a guy move out about 2 months ago (evicted), and it’s vacant now waiting for a renter or buyer.

The insurance company called him and said they are going to cancel his policy. I know I’ve seen you guys mention this before…

Can he do anything about it? Is there a certain company that will insure it if it’s vacant for a while? What do you suggest?

First, I hope that he doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance on the property if it’s a rental. He needs landlord insurance. Yes, insurance companies will cover vacant rentals. I use Foremost Insurance. They charge about double when they’re empty.

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Thanks Mike. Not sure about the type of insurance he currently has.

The insurance company did a drive by and saw it empty. The key is to get someone in there. Once you forward them a signed lease they don’t cancel you. They will generally give you a month or so to get the place rented. I don’t know where you are but it only takes 1 to 2 weeks to get the place fixed up and 2 weeks max to get it rented. Tell you dad to get off his duff and get the place rented. Let’s make some money out there.


As a licensed insurance claims adjuster I can tell you exactly what he needs to do….(auto. Is my forte but I’m licensed to do real estate)
He needs to get a basic form dwelling only policy. This will cover, fire, lightning and explosions…that’s really all he needs. As for the vacancy…a home is not considered vacant if there is furniture in it. If is truly empty, they can X the policy after 60 days…(your state may vary). All he needs to do is stage the house and then it’s considered un-occupied. This is perfectly legal….Staging as means to make the house look more attractive and thus easier to sell/rent. Once rented, he can move his furniture our and back to storage or whatever…

That should solve your problems.

I am a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent. I have a Great Vacant home program for you… The rates vary, but for the most part are better then Foremost.
Let me know if I can help.