Vacant Estate


I’ve Found so many Vancant houses with forsale signs but have not sold for about a month now. What I was contimplating was to market these houses but my obsticle are the Real Estate Agents. I don’t know if they would like it if they knew that I was trying to get the house for wholesale or they can turn around and offer it to the seller themselves. Has anybody approached a seller but had to go through a real estate agent for wholesaling?

Thank you!

If the seller has an “exclusive right to sell” listing with a licensed agent, then the agent is the only way that property is going to be sold. the seller has made that choice to be fully and only represented and the agent is going to do their darndest to get the best price for that seller, who they work for. they are not going to be interested in lowball i.e. wholesale pricing, unless it absolutely is necessary for the benefit of the seller. and then there is the whole assinging thing, whereby the seller would have to agree for wholesaler to assign. if i am representing someone i am going to recommend they get financial disclosure from whomever the person expected at closing is.