Vacant dwelling Insurance

I just paid a 1,400 premium for 6 month policy of Vacant dwelling insurance on a $100,000 property in a rural area of Georgia. Is this an excessive amount?

To me it’s a game of “Who’s your daddy”…but insurers will charge what people will pay…I use USAA and I know I get the best rate out there.


Keith- I didn’t know you were in the military. What branch?

I just paid 800$ which I thought was excesive but what told by my agent how great it was since my regular carrier will not tough vacant properties and she had to look elsewhere. My property is only worth about 20,000$.

20 years in the Army…Hoo Rah!

20 years in the Army...Hoo Rah!
I just finished my contract of 6 years as an 18 Charlie!

One of those SF guys…eh?

Nothing that much fun for me…I was a communicator and retired as a CW3…