vacant and abandonded properties

Maybe it’s because I live in the land of FRAUD and home of the CRIMINALS (Atlanta) and thats why a good majority of the vacant homes that I find have been refinanced or are way over levereged.

I have well over 300 vacants on my list and I have no trouble finding the owners and I have no trouble getting them to call me, but when they call I find out they owe what it’s worth.

Anybody else have this problem or have any suggestions as to how I can make these deals?

I no I can’t make non-deals into deals but maybe there is a strategy that I’m not thinking of.

look in older neighborhoods. Better chance of equity there. My favorite decades are the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Not for music but for houses.

Couldn’t you do shortsales?

You can’t do shortsales on properties that arent in pre-foreclosure…