VA Foreclosures - How to find?

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Any suggestions on finding a good site for current, and up-to-date VA Foreclosures?

Any help sure would be appreciated.


J Moore

What I do, is query the county tax appraisal districts for the Department of Verterans Affairs as the property owner.

You can also call an agent or broker to look in the MLS for properties that have already been listed with a broker.

The VA also has a list of properties at

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You all are fantastic - thank you very much.

Great people on this site, and REI - thank you.

J Moore

J Moore,

The VA has a financial company, OCWEN, under contract to get rid of their repos. Try looking at their website:

This will bring up a United States map that you can click on to find VA properties in your target area.

Hope this helps, too!

Keith handles the VA foreclosures.
Go here and you can click on a list of VA foreclosed homes in your state.

Remember when you are buying VA homes, they are sold in “As-Is” condition. Make sure your mortgage company or bank will loan on a VA property.
You may also be responsible for removal of anything left behind in the house. (I sold a house with a car still in the garage.)
Also, since alot of VA houses need repairs, make sure you have the extra cash after settlement to do the work yourself or hire a contractor.

Good Luck!!

That is a great site, I’d never seen it before. I have compared a lot of the properties listed in my area to the auditor site’s appraisals - some seem like good deals, many seem right on market. If a house has an asking price of 85K and is a simultaneous offer house, what kind of price is common for the house to go at.

The reason I ask, a year or so ago, I made an offer through my realtor on a VA(i think) house. Though the agent isn’t supposed to do this, he told my realtor my offer wouldn’t win. We came back with a second offer at the asking price, and in the end still lost the bid. Is it common for these properties to be listed below the final sales price, or can you sometimes get them well below the asking price.

The property I like most in my area on this site is listed at 82, I would probably resell around 85. To make this house work I’d need to buy around 65. Is this a possibility or am I wasting my time?

Thanks for the info.