Utility Additions

Hello, can someone please give me the playbook as to what actions exist to separate utilities? I’m stuck after meter installation.

Water: Meter installation,
Gas: Meter installation,
Electric: Meter installation,
Sewage: I assume this is the same as water.

Thank you!


There is no sewage meter, sewer and water are paid together.

After an electric meter is installed then a breaker box needs to be installed in the unit and the unit has to be re-wired so only the unit’s power needs go through it’s panel box and ultimately it’s own meter. Old electric wiring may be disconnected and abandoned in the wall if it’s not cost effective to remove.

Gas meter once installed requires each units gas needs re-piped to each location IE: Gas Dryer, Stove / Oven and HVAC Furnace. This put’s each unit on it’s own meter and normally some old gas pipe will be abandoned in the walls.

Water is re-piped to all area’s or original piping is cut and new line from meter to supply locations is connected. Locations include bathroom sink, toilet, shower, kitchen sink, hot water heater, and washing machine.

Sewer is part of water bill normally!