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I have investments in Utah - Ogden Area. I am looking at getting s few bird dogs for me in the Utah area.
I have moved to Florida and need to keep my eyes out for good deals still in Utah.

Please respond, would like to talk with some of you.

I am looking to be a bird dog to a local investor here in Utah that is willing to help mentor/ Coach me. I am very motivated and know i can be a great asset.

I am willing to help so I can learn more about investing. I am just starting out and would like to learn from some one who is experienced.

Hey, like Jim, I’m new here and would like to help out an experienced investor in order to learn about real estate investing.

I’m a software developer with my own consulting business, and could potentially use my technical skills to streamline some processes.

Hey There, Do you charge for the birddog and how much?

Hey There,

I am wondering if I can get on your team of birddog. Please let me know

Hello! :help

I’m in a Utah County and I am looking for an investor wholesaler that is willing to let me shadow him or her on a few deals. I prefer that you do not have a real estate license. We can exchange services. For your help I can find fsbo homes, organize your leads and/or become your VA or what you need real estate investing wise. YOU CANNOT USE my credit, bank or anything shady. I’m looking for a standup honest investor. I would just shadow you and ask questions.

Orrigoni Group | Keller Williams Realty

I am looking to network with investors/ Wholesalers and offer my services in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Utah, Summit, Weber & Tooele Counties.

Looking to connect with other investors in the area of Salt Lake, Davis, Weber or Utah Counties. :biggrin

Looking to connect with wholesalers in the Salt Lake / Provo areas. Let me know if you have any deals that you want to sell.