hey guys,

i’m told that offers you do build do you mailings online automatically and has features like “address validation” in which you can upload a list of addresses.

I’ve searched the site and have yet to find these features. anybody use this and would like to share a link or info of where on the site i can access this?

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Edit: found it…it’s called NetPost’s Mailing Online. wow can’t believe how long it took to find that … hope it saves others some time and aggrivation. ;]

Direct links for anyone else that is looking:


I have been digging around on the USPS website, and I can’t find what I am looking for. Can someone tell me how, or at least let me know they don’t work this way:

I am looking for a function or whatever that just sends every recipient in a certain zip code or subdivision a postcard…

Thanks in advance for the help.


you need to purchase the list … then upload the list to usps and send out the postcard…

unless you go to full service printer that will pull the list for you and also mail

can you upload your own postcard design?

yes … you can upload …but if you do … then you will lose the functionality of merging your data to the card…

use their editor to create your card online (from your template) instead of uploading it

Go to Kinkos and have them print your post card with matt (spelling?) finish. If it is black and white, it will cost you around $0.05 per 4 plus extra for cutting.

Call local direct marketing print shops. I would go to and search for direct marketing. Call each and ask them what they would charge. In my town, they will let me use their bulk permit, print the address directly on the post card, and deliver it to the post office for $0.03 + bulk rate postage, which is much cheaper than live stamp.

You can print, stamp, and mail the post card for about $0.27 to $0.43 each depending on the size.

personally i think the website is better (now

you can print the postcard and mail it for about 0.31 cents (pre postal rate increase) and you dont have to worry about doing anything except uploading the list and creating the postcard.

i dont recommend doing any fancy graphics … just plain white postcard with lots of text.

Fill it with a ton of compelling copy … with every benefit that the prospect would have by dealing with you …

also … sends via first class mail…

not that it makes a difference in a postcard… but i find that its easier to time the mailout (takes about 3 days) so that you dont get blasted on the weekend with calls when you want to be relaxing (i prefer that calls come in on monday thru wed… die down on thurs and friday … so that the weekend is not that busy)

my 2 cents