Using Personal Credit Card for Corporation

Hii all,

Do I need a loan document in order to legitimize the business expenses I put on my personal credit card?

I have just formed a S-Corp before the end of 2005 and have not set up a bank account and have not obtained company credit card (and the company has no cash). I have put the incorporation expenses and some other expenses on my personal credit card. I kept all the receipts of course. A tax consulting firm told me that I need to set up a loan document to ligitimize all those expenses, and they only charge $99 to help me set up loan document.

It just seems that every time I talked to the tax consultant, they would tell me that I need something done for the company and they can do it for $___ . I want to make sure that it is necessary. It just seems that people use their personal credit card for business often… Is it different now that I am the shareholder of the S-Corp?