Using "Other People's Time" for leverage?

I recently had an epiphany after reading a few new articles and postings in the REI community.

I’ve been marketing for motivated sellers for a few months now, but have heard some interesting ‘alternative’ ways recently.

Basically, these alternative ways were marketing to ‘lead producing’ people, as opposed to the motivated sellers themselves.

Thus, market to probate/real estate/bankruptcy/etc attorneys.

Market to RE Agents, Banks, Lenders, clerk, judge, etc.

Bottom line is, instead of CHASING THE DEAL, you make the DEAL COME TO YOU. Instead of marketing to sellers, you market to people who will bring you sellers themselves.

This is something that has me very interested and questioning my approach to the business. As someone recently said on another REI Board :

“Real estate is more a people business than paper work or records”

These are side things you do while you market to motivated sellers. Don’t demend on these methods unless and until they produce more leads than the other way.

FYI, I never heard of anyone mailing a judge…

For the record, I have yet to close a deal from a referral. There is just no substitute to talking to sellers yourself.

Okay thanks.

I read about this in John Michael’s article: 15 hour weekly investor’s schedule

The method works, but don’t depend on it to launch your career. It takes long time to build reputation and earn enough trust to get enough referrals to base your business on. You can give it a shot and see the response, testing is essential to know what works and what doesn’t.

I would say more than half of my business comes from referrals. My best deals come people know what I do.

I work diligently work by keeping in contact with everyone on a monthly basis.