Using MLS to identify buyers

I am in California and am interested in virtual REO investment in Atlanta. I have been advised of a method whereby I can use the MLS to build a buyers list. Can anyone suggest how I might locate a realtor who will provide me with a MLS list of all Atlanta area handyman special or foreclosure homes sold in the past 4 months?

Put an ad on Craigslist in the real estate section for Atlanta.

Offer them a small fee to run a search for you and then set you up on automatic email notifications.

It’s free to place the ad, and it shouldn’t be hard to find a realtor to do the search for you- it only takes a couple minutes to do.

You could also try There are a lot of realtors on there, and you can search by city.

Good luck,

You may want to call a Title company. If you try an agent, I would do a craigslist search for agents listing similar properties. Call/email all of them and call Title companies until you get the list you want. You may get some NOs or those who say it doesn’t exist, be persistent.

Thanks for your excellent ideas. Any suggestion on what a reasonable fee would be?

I think $25-$50 bucks would be fine.

It literally only takes a minute or two to set up the search.

I would do it for $50 bucks if someone approached me.

Steph :cool