Using both bank and owner financing question

What are the dynamics of owner financing a portion of the contract price and the borrowing from the bank another portion?
Will OF hurt bank loan? Is it best to hire a real estate attorney to work out the details? thanks

conventional financing will not allow seller financing.

On both commercial and residential? So hard money or private bank financed options or finance the entire transaction via conventional loan?

not true - I just closed a commercial deal May 3 that had some OF involved - everyone offering advice here has to stop extrapolating their own dealings to the whole industry - just because your lenders aren’t doing this doesn’t mean it’s not being done

the deal was for 1.5 million - bank loan 500k - the remaining equity was made of up of various seller financing structures

still had a good DSCR etc etc -

so it can be done - just because one person can’t get it done doesn’t mean it can’t be done - you will see a lot of that on here

good luck

we’re currently carrying a 2nd on a 90/10 split. disclosed everything, filed mortgages and deeds of trust at courthouse. no problems.


Congratulations on your deal. However if you read my post correctly you will see that I said “CONVENTIONAL” financing meaning Fannie?Freddie/FHA will not allow seller financing.

Your deal was commercial not conventional.