Using a Trailer for media?

Well I have this 12’x5’x5’ trailer that I’ve been considering to turn into a traveling billboard. Has anyone tried something like this? I’m curious because if I were to get no more calls on the trailer than say just some truck magnets then it’s wasteful for me to spend the money to have my message plastered to the trailer. And I’d be better off spending that saved money on my direct mail campaign.

Perhaps I’d be better off to use this idea in a year or so when I’m able to just hire someone to drive the thing around for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno? Anyone have any experience with using a trailer? Did you get better results that your car/truck magnets?


I personally have never tried it, but those that have I’ve heard pretty positive results from it. I am thinking of doing this to my husbands van. Your probably better off doing this type of marketing and mailers. Good luck!

I am sorry I meant “than” mailers. :wink:

I have never used a trailer but I have used magnets and I currently advertise on my expedition for 100% financing on Homes in San Diego & of course my site is on there along with a phone number! I have had people call me while going down the road and come up to me at the gas station…So IMHO they do work!

Trailers come in handy, they can be parked in strip centers, vacant lots, gas stations, department stores parking lots, as long as you have permission from the tenants.

Put it in high traffic areas around your target area.

I see it being done here in Texas all over the place!

Good Luck!