Using a title company for pre-foreclosure

I was reading one of the posts here on this site. It said something about using a Title company for finding Notice of Defaults. Is there anyone here that can clarify that for me. I am trying to invest in Pre-Foreclosures and I am sure I can find an honorable Title company with enough research.

Your local title company should have a help/reasearch desk. Call the title companies local to your area and ask them for the help desk. Then ask the help desk if you can be put on their e-mail list that receives pre-foreclosures…

If the 1st title company does not have such a list, call the next one.
I get a list from my title company 1-2/month.
They do expect you to use them for a title company.

Shaun G.

Oh yes of course. If I could get a deal and close it quick I wouldn’t mind using them to close it. I will try to search for some here in CA that might offer them.

I called about 100 Title companies and none of them would give me a pre-foreclosure list and I went thru help desk, not the receptionist who answered the phone. I told them I was an investor who would use them when I did a title search. What am I doing wrong?

Why would a title company have a preforeclosure list?

Hi Tylaw,

Yes… some title companies will supply leads for NOD. Keep in mind not all states file the NOD. You might consider using a Internet Service or Database Service such as Sitexdata or First American. Also Google “lead service for forclosures” or “notice of default leads in X (your state)” … you will find a few alternatives to using a title company. Obviously you can go down to your local courthouse or hire someone to do that too. Those are generally the fresh leads.

I hope this helps.

I used to work for a title company, so the answer is no they will not give you a foreclosure list or inform you of any foreclosures they record on behalf of the foreclosing mortgage company. I have found that if you go down to your local county recorder’s office, you can search for foreclosures that have been recorded since it is public records. They should be happy to show you how to use their computers and find the info you are looking for. Good luck.

Every title company in CA should have an NOD list. I get them emailed to me about once a week and they are tiresome to sift through. As far as you just being an “investor”, I don’t know if you will have the same access.