using a real estate agent?

I just finsihed Kevin Myer’s Buy It, Fix It, Sell It, Profit! (great book, by the way ,for novices) and he recommends working with real estate agents to find properties for wholeselling. Bronchick in Flipping Properties discusses them but I can’t figure out whether he’s pro or against working with agents to find properties.

Those of you here - with the real world experience - what do YOU recommend? And any suggestions to go along with that advice?

Thanks again!

Can you by pass the realtor, if he is refusing to submit your offer.

Most definitely.

The realtor is not going to be happy and may try to encourage the seller to reject your offer.

Legally he has to submit your offer. If he doesn’t, then go for it.

Always insist that the seller response (even to reject ) be in writing. Otherwise you may be getting a BS response from the realtor.

What is a bigger problem is when the realtor finds that he was wrong and his seller is entertaining your offer. He may then try to buy himself or to an investor that he has a relationship with.

Happens far to often.

As far as working with a realtor, by all means find you a good one. One that understands your needs and is not afraid to submit offers, regardless of all far away from the asking terms that you may be.

You will likely have to fire a few along the way. Just do not burn any bridges. Just say, if you can’t do or will not do as a I have asked, I will need to find someone that will”.

But at the same time if you find a seller that you think may come to terms with me, give me a call.

I use realtors to find properties if they find them for me I personally do not go out of my way to call them. i find more deals from other investors and other sources! Read the crazy investor! he gives out great ideas on finding deals!

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I try to read as much as I can in this entire forum between tending to my 8 month old, so if this was repetitive I apologize.

Who is the Crazy Investor - and where can I find him??

(at least for now! :wink:

If a propery is listed - vacant or occupied - by an agent, can you

  1. legally contact the owner ,without going through the agent, to get information on the property - motivation to sell, etc?

  2. make a purchase offer legally, without going through the agent?