Using a Buyer's agent?

How many use buyer’s agents to bring them deals? Do you ever use both a buyer’s agent to find a deal and a seller’s agent to locate an end buyer?

I know this would eat at profit, but just seems like a lot less work to go out there and find every deal; not saying it will replace marketing/looking for your own deals, but seems like a great alternative route.

Thanks in advance for any personal experiences!

Personally, I’d put the work in and take my profit.

However, if you are able to build a strong relationship with an agent that can bring you good deals all the time that will give you a fair profit, then go for it!

depends on the spread.

A Realtors commission is only paid by the seller so why not use one on the buying side? Let the Realtor set up hotsheets that will inform you the day houses in certain price ranges come on the market. If you want to deal directly with sellers who have not listed their house, then just let the Realtor know before hand and maybe the two of you can work out a deal. As far as on the selling side, I would also suggest a Realtor mainly because the market is so tough these days. They have the advertising and ability to list it on the MLS to sell it as fast as possible. If you are worried about the bottom line, then why not try your hand at FSBO for a few months and if it doesnt work out call your Realtor!

got to disagree on that last post. As a buyer you need a lot more flexibility than you can usually get from a buyers agent. You will go thru so many starts and stops that the realtor will most likely pull back from you.

I’ve decided to work with a buyer’s agent to help me locate deals. But I’m not stuck with just using one…they added in a clause where I am only required to compensate them upon deals they present to me.

Hopefully this will lead me to at least a few short sale opportunities if nothing else…

use one for the first deal just to get a feel for how the process works. After that do it on your own by placing an ad in the paper and place out 50 signs at major intersections (in the area that you want to focus on) that states the following:

Your number
and website (if you have one)

It works if you keep the ad running and signs out. You’ll also need to invest in a good course on Buying Houses. Don’t spend more than $300 for one.

Good luck