Use Realtor instead of FSBO

I know it’s not ideal for some of you, but thinking about using a Realtor to sell my properties instead of FSBO. Two reasons, I want to have my properties in MLS and I want to leverage the services of my agent (comps w/ days on market, existing big marketing process). What do you guy feel is a fair rate for an agent if your going to be using him for several houses (6+) a year? I was thinking 2%. Also what is the lowest rate I could offer on the buyer’s agent and still have them show my house to clients? FYI, my market area is Tampa, FL.

the best I have been able to do is 5% total (2.5/2.5 split). Remember the broker in charge is taking a hefty cut so the agent who actually does the work might only get 1% of the total value of your deal.

There are discount folks out there that do 1% list fee, but buyer’s agents are going to want to 2-2.5% as min (from my experience)

Unless you get someone that is desperate they aren’t going to do it for 2%. We usually want 6% and really won’t get less than 4% and that being a pretty expensive house. It isn’t worth our time to list for 2%. At $100,000 that is $2000, then the listing agent splits that with the selling agent. That is $1000 a piece then you take out the percentage the broker gets and that leaves you making about $600 for a couple months worth of work.

Another suggestion:

5% on the first listing and 4.5 (2% listing agent/2.5 buyers agent) on subsequent listings within a 6 month period. This shows good will up front on your part.

Also, you can try to discount to 4% for dual agency. (Buyer and seller agent employed by same broker) Brokers may settle for less because he is getting buyer’s brokers share of the commsiion too. Both agents make the same.

If a broker won’t get creative on multiple properties, move on. Commissions are negotiable. Volume listings should account for something.

You should first find out what the standard cooperating commission is in the area for the Selling agent. In Colorado, it is 2.8% in the Denver Metro Area. The Listing agent should not attempt to change that number because other Realtors will probably not show the home.

Most Realtors stay motivated when receiving as much as the Buyer’s agent, but if you sign a long-term buyers agency agreement and negotiate the precise amount of marketing exposure/expense for listings, the Realtor should trim the commission down especially if it’s in an area where homes are moving quickly with reasonable DOM.

I suggest selling as FSBO, receive more for your properties.Thousands of eager buyers want to buy your homes right now, but they cannot qualify for the mortgage due to the bureaucratic rules of conventional lenders. These buyers would gladly pay full price for your properties and accept it “as is” if they could obtain financing. I could help you sell to these buyers with or without a real estate agent.

saying “sell by FSBO and get top dollar” is really a simplification of reality (IMHO). I’ve sold properties by all the different ways (FSBO, discount broker, full service) and I have to say that its not a one-size fits all situation. For example, I’m doing a FSBO right now as I had a tenant approach me and wanted to buy my property. On the flip side I just finished a sale that took over a year with a full service broker becuase of being a very complex contract due to things that myself and buyer wanted and a property at the very top of the market for its particular area.

With that said, I think discount brokers offer a nice “middle ground” where you pay the listing agent 1% and 2.5% to the buyer’s agent.

BTW, I’m not a realtor and actually loath the way that industry works to some extent, but that’s the way it is; pick the opinion that works best for you (each has its pluses and minuses).