USA Real Estate Map

I have found something a Real Estate web site owner should have. It is a map based on Macromedia Flash technology. Thanks to it all the information can be separated by state & even county.

It is clickable. Clicking on states or counties opens a webpage or shows tooltips.

Besides the map is nice to look at.
It is very convenient. Here is the page where I found it:…_flash_map.htm

I would appreciate your feedbacks about the maps, because I don’t believe someone won’t like them!

I really did like the maps.
The most important thing - it is easy to integrate a map with the client DB listings. It enables you to regularly change the info and enter new data without any difficulty.
Besides those interactive maps are easy to install.
I have found a similar site, only with USA flash map templates:
They do not have as many functions as the previous flash maps, though they look ok and cost less.