USA County / City Maps

Hi All

I have been doing wraps and trades/flips in New Zealand for the last seven years.
I am looking to take advantage of the large number of Bank REOs in America.
The tools I have access to are given me lists of properties by state, county, zip code.

I need to get my head around where the different citys / counties / zip codes are, ideally on a map.

I have initial counties in mind but don’t know what their major cities / zip codes etc are.

Can anyone point me in the direction of decent mapping software /images so I can get my head around the geography?

Many thanks for any assistance

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I am down loading now and will have a look.

Happy investing


Google Earth will definately do the job for the detail stuff. I find it a little fustrating how a lot of the info isnt shown until you get to a low enough height, making it hard to absorb the whole picture, however on the whole I can see me using this a lot.

Great! Your link gives me the missing piece :biggrin

So between the two I am in business :beer

… now to get start researching properties and making offers !!!

Happy investing

Google Earth is definately fantastic!!! Even though the photos can be out of date, I can get a reasonable feel for the area e.g. lots of single family, apartments or industrial. Many thanks!!!