US Real Estate for non US-citizen

Are there some peculiarities to buy US RE for non US-citizen?

Wait are you living in the US and not a citizen or are you living elseware and want to buy property here…also depends on if you want to become an investor or an agent. Check with the state laws if you live here.


I live in Russia :slight_smile: And I want to become an investor. Can You give me some links?

Sorry Avk, I honestly cant tell you anything I dont knknow about doing over seas investing.


how much money are you looking to invest?

since you’re a foreign investor, you probably will get only non-recourse loans with 65% LTV on less.[meaning you have to put down atleast 35% the value of the property].

there are a few different ways you can do this.
you can join a syndication, be part of a TIC, give your money
to a hard money lender[i know a russian guy who’s got friend’s back home and he uses their money]. depends on what you want to do.

When someone sells real property in the US and they are not a US citizen a portion of the proceeds are to be withheld by the closing agent to insure taxes are paid.

If I buy RE for US corporation, can I get loans with more comfortable conditions?

[/i]MAYBE[i], Im not 100% sure on that, but there is a chance that could happen.


i dont think so. new corps have no credit either.

Thanks for All!