US Breaks Up and Ohio Part of Canada - I DON'T THINK SO!

I’m afraid that this former KGB officer has things a little wrong. While I agree that the US economy will soon collapse and would even go so far as to think that the US could break apart, OHIO IS CERTAINLY NOT GOING TO BECOME PART OF CANADA! The canadian socialists can have Chicago and Wisconsin, but we’ll keep the rest of the midwest - thank you very much! If I were going to draw a post-collapse US Map, I would give the socialist west coast to China; the socialst northeast to the EU; and the entire center of the US would become a new country (getting back to the principals that made this country great)! Good riddance to the communists, socialists, and marxists.


Don’t forget the south!!Or did you already know we won’t put up with that :bs(you’re damn right then).

:beer :beer




Just think about the UPSIDE Mike…

You’ll be able to think back on all the FREEDOMS you had when you lived in the United States!!! :biggrin

I’m just joking man…You know I have a lot of respect for you, and in the end you could be 100% correct in your predictions about the fate of this country.


NOT GONNA HAPPEN! There’s only so far left I can go before I’d have to move to Texas!

At least you gotta plan brother!!!

ut oh…

another heated discussion…

all we need now is for Rookienyc to show up.

last I heard, (few days ago)…he’s chomping down on fish tacos in Baja Mexico…(the rewards of trading)


Nope…No heated debates here…Just some good natured bustin’

My goal here this year is to LAY BACK a bit…Go with the flow a little more…

I had a killer '09 and 2010 is out of the shute STRONG (3 deals signed this week BANG, BANG, BANG)

Everyone’s got their opinions…It’s all good…I sure as hell don’t know everything.

So…I’ll lay some FDJAKE out there periodically…Those that see it and like it…GREAT…Those that don’t…GREAT!!! It’s all BS anyway…We aren’t curing CANCER here.

Hey- those of us in Wisconsin don’t wanna go to Canada! We’re not all liberals up here- (although you wouldn’t know it by how our state govt runs!) :flush

I don’t get Canada anyway. When yo go up there it is like you are here, just differnt. We should just make them the 51st state.

They can’t pronounce “about” the right way, but they did give us Shania Twain…

I was in Ottawa for Xmas. Was walking around and found a bakery open. There was a special side to the store with obama cookies for sale. They worship our new president up there. I had to listen to the hotel van driver tell us how lucky we are to have our new president. He shut up pretty quick when I asked him what he thought about the recent troop surge in Afghanistan.

I get a kick out of Canadians, most of them can’t think on their own. The rampers up there that throw bags and push back our planes want permission to pee. They come up to the cockpit and expect me to brief them on anything special I might want during the pushback. It’s fun to play their game right back with dumb requests. It kills me.

So you fly planes?

You should write up a list of assinine requests like a music star only wanting green M&M’s back stage when they perform. Give that to them and see what you get.

Yes that is technically my full time job. Working only 7 days this month though. The rental business feels more full time.

As an example, just got back from one of my apartment units. Tenant says sticky tile is coming up. Turns out it is coming up because the floor is soaked from leaky hot water heater. So tommorrow morning gonna put in a new one. Old one is toast. Home depot has GE’s now cheaper than lowes. I think those whirlpoos are junk and have been trying to find something else so gonna give it a try.

I sat on the ramp once in Toronto for about 15 minutes after pushback. I thought they were having trouble. Finally I asked what is the problem. He says we were waiting for permission to disconnect the headsets!! Give me a break! That is not a normal request and only in Canada. So I’m not surprised they are so liberal up there. They NEED big brother to tell them what to do. Its just the culture, and I doubt if it is by accident.

[[[…I would give the socialist west coast to China…]]]]

Oh, I don’t think so.

California goes back to Mexico. They are 90% there already. Mexico gets Texas, too, but wishes she didn’t, after listening to “remember the Alamo” 10 million times.

Oregon is not socialist (except for Ashland, which is California North of the Border). Oregon, Idaho, and Montana get out their hunting rifles and post signs that say, If you think you can pry my gun and my American flag out of my cold dead buckaroo fingers, go ahead and make my day. Scotland would renounce GB and the Euro-Union and Join Oregon (they are 90% there already)

Then, of course, England would be back trying to subdue the Scots, with not much more luck than usual. Without the USA standing by her side, England would finally be annexed by France (800 years of trying, finally sucessful). France wouldn’t have any more success with Scotland or Ireland than she ever did.

Colorado joins France to get better croissants and espresso.

Utah already thinks she’s an independent country.

The South will rise again. She’s been patiently waiting for the opportunity.

The New England states join Sweden.

Oh, yes. Nobody will take Detroit, so she finally has to sign trade agreements with the Dominican Republic.

But they won’t allow anyone from Detroit to actually immigrant to the Dominican Republic. They just agree to have trading. Except poor Detroit no longer manufactures anything to trade.

Congratulations. I finally found sombody on here with a more fun job than mine. I spend a lot of my time right behind you.

They are junk and Whirlpool actually knows it. There is actually a part that Whirlpool sends to Lowes that they keep in the back and give out for free. It is a replacement burner assembly. It has no SKU number it is not inventoried or anything. Listen to what that means. The main part of a water heater is the burner assembly. That is what makes a water tank into a water heater. THEY GIVE THEM OUT FREE BY THE GROSS BECAUSE THEY BREAK SO OFTEN.

Well I tried to put the GE one in today. It was JUNK too!! The pressure relief valve is on top. I had to turn it the right way to plumb it through the hole in the floor. Nothing in the instructions on how to turn it. So I got my big pipe wrench out and it did turn, with a TON of force. Which caused me to smash the housing the threads are in. Why did they put the pressure relief on top instead of the side? So took it back and put in another whirlpoo junkered that will maybe last 6 or 7 years.

My plumber only installs Rheemglass Fury water heaters for us. He won’t get any from Lowe’s. We had problems with a Craftmaster brand water heater about a month ago. After he made about 4 or 5 trips to the house and put on multiple parts on the Craftmaster, he finally go the store to warranty it out and get us a new one. The “old” one was a 2007 model. Lowe’s (and other places like that) try to give you a piece at a time to fix the old units. With the Rheem brand units (from a plumbing supply business here), he can just take the whole unit in there and get a new one if there’s a problem. The Rheems are a little more expensive (maybe $100-130 more), but it’s good to know we can get them swapped out if necessary.