URGENT - SS lender assigning loan in middle/end of negotiations

I have been working on a short-sale with a bank and had everything ready, they had the contract, bpo (which was very close to my offer), etc etc. They were basically giving me verbal hints that they liked my offer and were going to accept it but they just informed me today that the loan will be assigned/sold to a loan servicing company.

When I spoke with the loan servicing company they said basically they will have to start over and get an appraisal done (my concern is that this house is really worth much more than the previous BPO and this may ruin the deal). I have until December 21st until it is transfered.

Is there anything I can do? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have had this happen as well. Unfortunately I had to start all over with the negotiations with the new loan servicing company. Good Luck!

ahhhh yes, the ol’ switcharoo! Loss mitigation departments are becoming notorious for this tactic to frustrate the hell out of negotiators!

Sorry to hear it!