urgent help and advice please BROKER FEE ON CONTRACTS question?

:banghead Hell o guys and girl. on my contract that im puttin together should i disclose a brokers fee and if i do and plan on assignig my contract to another investor wont the buyer see this and think why should i pay a fee if your buying the house. any suggesstions or clauses i shold use instead because i thought the assignment paper to the investor took care of. this

I am sorry but your question isn’t clear. First of all, what brokers fee? I think you mean your assignment fee. (very different things in the eyes of the law).

I think it is good practice to let the buyer know if someone else will be closing the deal. I won’t necessarily let them know I am making money on the deal but certainly they will find out at settlement.

You can say something like “Mr seller, this deal is not going to work for me so I have found another buyer to take my place. As long as you get everything you bargained for is that OK with you?”

If this doesn’t answer you question ask again.