??ur local REI Club??

How have u benefited from ur local REI Club?

Some meetings have been informative but no long term benefit unless your for additional coaching outside of membership fees. I have been working in real estate industry for 15 years and obtained lots of information. I paid for many courses which all had great information but I found that its not until I got a mentor that things worked out for me. I am finally able to use all this information I have but real estate takes real work to see results there are no quick methods.

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Most of the people at a real estate investor’s club meeting have never and will never do any deals. They are just there in hope a deal will fall out of the sky and probably wouldn’t know it if it did. What is of benefit are the people putting on the meeting. I am talking about the sponsors and advertisers that are standing in the back of the room. They are in this bazarro world of investment real estate. They are and they know the realtors, contractors, mortgage brokers, inspectors, lawyers, title companies, insurance companies, etc that deal in investor grade real estate. These professionals know how to deal with what we want to do and are a great help in you figuring out how to proceed in your local town.

Very true!

:biggrin Very true!
Paralysis of Analysis - many want-to-be investors go to these meetings religiously, but never really jump in and get deals done.
The organizers and the sponsors are the ones you want to network with.
If you are one of these want-to-be investors, you are probably more ready than you think: studying, educating yourself and attending meetings/seminars are certainly necessary tasks, but it is more fun actually practicing real estate and making some money!

Im the guy the newbies target whenever they come to our meetings and Ill say this much, if you want to get businees from an REI meeting you need to have confidence, listen, ask questions and most importantly, don’t try to be a know it all if you still havent dome a deal.