Updating electrical panel box...

I’m doing a rehab that I can do pretty much all the work except updating the electrical box from this type (pictured), to the “new” type. Does anyone know how much something like that should run? I’m a great negotiator but not knowing about where I should end up is going to kill my budget.


How much did you budget?

The materials should be no more than $300, the problem is that you may need a permit depending on where you are located. Labor could be $400-500, if you have no problems with the inspector, but you could go for thousands if things like refrigerators arent on their own circuit, and the installer needs to start sorting wires, and bringing things up to code.

The last time I had one done it cost me $1400, including a little rework, and a permit.

It’s a 2100 sq ft house and I budgeted about $2,500 for the box update and wiring for a ceiling fan in the living room which doesn’t have any over head lights. I’m going to gut everything pretty much because of mold.

The one I did for $1400 was an 1100 sf house, upgraded to 100 Amp services, that was 3 years ago, I doubt that labor prices are any higher, but materials are up a good bit. I think you would have no problem with your budget number

Just went from a fuse box to 100 amp circuit breakers a few months ago in a 1400 sf house. It was right at $1400.

Good luck

I have upgraded many services from 60 amp (or 100 amp) to 200 amp, including a new circuit breaker panel. It usually costs a little over $1,000 including the labor. From the picture, it looks like most, if not all, of your wiring is modern wiring which should be fine. If you’re not changing the service (the outside part) and are only changing replacing the fuse box with a circuit breaker box, that should cost very little. I usually do that myself and the parts will be less than $150.

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$2200-$2500 by a licensed electrician. Do you have GFI plugs in the bathroom and kitchen by sinks? If not, do that now. Be safe.


No GFI anywhere that I know of actually…Would I need him to run romax everywhere? If so, is that something I can do before hand to save a few bucks?

Installing GFIs is pretty straightforward. I did it when I wired the backyard. But don’t do the same mistake I did. I bought 3 GFI outlets and only I installed all 3 I realized they were all in the same circuit and I needed only one… :O( So if you are going to install GFI outlets in the bathroom or kitchen, check your local code to see if you can install only one in the circuit - chances are you can. This will save you some money.

Good luck!

As an electrician in California, I could tell you that you have less than 200 in parts and you could change it out in a couple of hours, it is not hard to do just pay attention when you take it a part and put it back the same way. You would not have to change the lower one it has breakers and does not look like a Zinsco (very bad).

Just had to do one. 200A service panel with running an new service cable came to $2800.

if you do the work yourself, at least pull a permit and have it inspected.

last thing you need is someone being killed in an electrical fire… and YOU did the repair yourself and missed capping off the positron gravitation circuit reverser or something.

I’m 100% going to have someone else with a lic. do it. I’d like to run all new romax throughout the house also. Would it be smart/plausible for me to do it on my own or just let a pro do it? I’m think it’s to more than drilling some holes and feeding wire through and connecting it at the plug/switches, no?