UPDATE: Texas Sale Opportunites and Trends

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the my recent tax sale trips throughout Texas. In addition I consistently interview other investors to detemine if the real estate deals are drying up or growing.

Of the 32 tax sale investors interviewed in the last 4 months the number of deals in smaller counties is on the rise. The larger counties continue to present strong competition and should be used as to supplement your buying opportunites.

12 of the investors interviewed found it relatively easy to purchase at least one property every 2 months. The remaining investors chose to purchase about every 4 months and sought out the most appeal deals to buy. Redemption appears to take place at a much lesser rate than in tax certificate states. This means that Texas investors must keep a strict watch on research skills and should view the property.

In summary, the state continues to offer strong opportunites and limited legal costs (since there is no foreclosure after the redemption period ends). If anyone has any questions about some of the specifics of the findings let me know.


Your analysis of tax sale property in Texas is deadly accurate. I purchased your course a few months ago and have found it to be an invaluable resource. I’ve probably read through it three or four times. However, I still have one question: How and where can I find forms to “quiet title”? I continue to have problems getting title insurance and I have been forced to do owner financing on all of my deals. Generally, this is not a problem but I would like to have all options available to me. Thanks again for a wonderful course.


There are no forms to quiet title. Mush file a motion in district court and hire an attorney to help you. You may try to get a deed from the taxpayer or releases of liens etc if you can find them. That may solve the problem too

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Getting a quit claim deed from the owner will help the quiet title process somewhat.