UPDATE - found - late taxes from public record - now what?

Hi everyone…new (blah blah)…live in delaware.

anyway, found a house down the street on the county records website that shows a few years behind in county and school taxes. How do I be a good neighbor and help him and me out at the same time(if you know what I mean!!).
Anyone know what my options are?
Is it possible that he isn’t late and the record is wrong? (2 years seems like a long time to be late)

Thanks for any ideas.


Howdy bdubbs123:

Here in Travis County I have seen folks 15 years behind. It is rare but it happens. Two years is not that long or uncommon. In your state it depends how aggressive the collectors are as to what has and will happen. I am sure they have sent out past due letters and maybe even threats of a lawsuit.

There is no easy way to approach someone and tell them they are a deadbeat ands have not paid their taxes. You may get to know them first and talk and maybe ask if they have thought of selling. Through the conversation you may find out if they are employed or have lost their job or illness etc. I would not even bring up the fact that you know they are late on paying the taxes. They may not be that motivated to sell. If they know you have been snooping around in their business they may ask you to leave.


Thanks for your reply Ted JR.

Does anyone have good examples of a letter that I might send to the owner. I have never actually seen this guy so starting a friendship might be difficult especially with my schedule. I wanted to approach him in a more business manner.
Also, just a little more info…
house is in so-so condition from the outside.
He bought it in 2001 for 20k according to the record.
houses in my area are all very similar and have gone for 160k-200k.
Does this sound too good to be true?
How do you default on taxes for a 20K house??

Anyway, if you know of a site that has good example letters or postcards lemme know.

Thanks ALL!


Just found out the house is vacant. The address of the owneron the tax records is incorrect, however I was able to talk to the neighbors and found out that he lives in NY and can get his address. Apparently he is a CPA from India who happened upon it from a relative or something. The neighbor has keys and is going to let me look it over tonight.

How should I approach the letter to the owner?
Should I make it personal…or more business like.

Also, is there anything I can do to go around him since he is not paying his taxes? Some sort of lien?

My neighbors would love for this place to get cleaned up.

Thanks for your help.


Howdy Bdubbs123:

No way to get around the owner. He is the owner and the one you need to buy from. I do not know the best way to deal with folks when they owe money and can not pay. A lot are standoffish and almost impossible to get to know. They will slam the door in your face and hang up the phone on you. they are getting tons of post cards and letters as well if the area is full of investors like here in Austin.

The neighbor is your best bet since they have a key. Maybe a 3 way conversation over the phone would be the way to go.