Unsecured Line Of Credit W/ Shelf Corporations?

Anyone have experience with this? Is this possible? Some company in Northern California claim I can get up to $350k if I buy a shelf corporation and let it “age” as to bring up the D&B credit rating. No personal guarantee, no collateral.

Is this too good to be true?

Is the “some company in Northern California” offering to sell you the shelf corp?

Always question the motives of anybody that is selling you anything. Their first priority is to get your money; not to take good care of you.

I have done this and can direct you to a place that worked well for me. As an FYI, I worked with a company in CA who said they could do it and never came through on there promises - not sure who you’re working with, but be careful. Alot of these companies say they can do it, but they don’t have all the peices of the puzzle and can’t perform for you in the end…