unpaid taxes/probate !


i’ve come across a propery and the lady owes quite a bit in back taxes more like $95,000 with court fees and what have you. the property is in very poor condition but the lot could be valued at around $160,000. the property is still in her deceased husband’s name. she is on a big time crunch because the city is suppose to takeover on the 24th of this month as her paperwork states it is too late for her to do anything at this point. how do i deal with the probate issue and could it be too late? is this deal doable and how would i proceed?

appreciate any help
thank you

If you have a bank and title company that will work quickly it may work.
If you can get the loan set up the city may extend but if not it still could be done.
The title company will need the marriage certificate, death certificate and maybe an affidavit that he didn’t have any children, so she is his sole heir.