Unlimited comps

How much would you (investors) pay for unlimited comps? monthly basis & per each request?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Since I can already get all the comps I want for free - ZERO

Agreed. My buyer’s agent provides me that type of information for free.


There are people who pay upwards of $200/month for good comps, it just depends on the system and what else is provided. You could provide “Comps on demand” and maybe charge $1/comp address. For example, if I search for comp for 123 memory lane, it will cost me $4 for 4 matches/comps, $6 for 6…etc.

Otherwise, I would say $49 is a good price, but again it depends on what else is offered.

One thing to keep in mind, you may not have good comps for states like Texas where it is non-disclosure state.