Uneven roof! How do you experienced rehabbers correct?

I’m buying a 3/2 1961 brick rancher that is in good shape EXTERIOR wise, but the interior needs major bath and kitchen renovation.
The roof has 1 layer of shingles, but there are 5 places where the rafters are bowed upward and there are about 15 rafters that are sagging!
My idea is to use my reciprocating saw to remove (or use the 1st 3 feet at each end) of the upward bowing rafters to add a new 2x6. For the sagging rafters, I plan to jack up (very carefully) and add a rafter brace in the shape of an inverted ‘V’ about 3 feet from the ends to correct the sagging and not put too much pressure on the middle of the joist!
Thanks in advance for your input!
P.S. I definately need input from jdfire!

in theory it may work but have someone look at it and provide a second opinion.

The easiest way to fix these rafters is to make back cuts on them.

A back cut is a cross cut made on the rafter on the same side as the bow. Think about this for a minute. If you can picture the letter U, In order to straighten out a U made out of a single piece of wood you would make cross cuts at the Belly of the U on the inside of the belly. By making these cuts about half way through the rafters you can now PUSH the U flat. Once you get it flat you simply “sister” a new board up next to your newly flattened rafter to KEEP them flat. Nail through the new to the old and DONE.

Use a Sawsall to make the cuts. ANY decent carpenter can do this. This isn’t boat building skill here.

If the rafter is bowed UP make you cross cuts on the attic side of the rafter. (closest to you) If the rafters are bowing INTO the attic make your cuts on the plywood side and push up with a screw jack, then sister.

To better understand this just look at a vacuum cleaner hose. Bend it in the same shape as your rafters then push it straight. You’ll see exactly what I’m trying to explain. The cuts you will make act to relieve the tension on the board so it can be reshaped. Watch the way the creases in the vacumm cleaner hose MOVE when you straighten it out. the cuts your making in the rafters are doing the same thing.



Cut, SISTER, NAIL, THEN and ONLY then, do you move to the next rafter. Cutting a bunch of rafters all at once WILL WEAKEN your ROOF!!! DO NOT DO THIS!!!

This technique also works GREAT on bowed walls. Cut off the sheet rock near the bow, make your cuts and just PUSH the bow out of the wall. Then screw in a stud next to the old one to keep it straight. DONE.

Thanks so much for the advice guys!
FDJAKE, I’m sorry I missed your handle, but I really do appreciate your input on the forum! I wish the participants on the short sale forum were as knowledgeable as you!
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