under contract

Signed contract for 205K condo private no pesky realtors, another unit just listed for 250K, is it possible to flip this without double closing costs? contract is in my name, (no assigns etc)

I hope I understand your statement for double closing costs

As a seller you will have things that you have to pay for

Such as Seller title closing or attorney fees and pro rated property taxes you will have to pay for.

Now as far as buyer closing costs you can do seller concessions only if you want to and that has to be stated in the contract.

If the condo will appraise for a higher amount you could sell the property at a higher price to roll in the buyers cost thus it is not cutting into your bottom line. This can only be done if the appraisal supports the value to do this.

Thanks for info, the property appraised at the sale price, but since (3 days) two other units have sold for 249K so I may keep this for a bit…


Condo’s are tricky like that sometimes the appraisal amount depends on what floor your on and/or what side your on silly things like that!

Ask your RE AGENT what they think it could sell for since these new sales that may help your value if you do not want to sit on it