Under Contract and would like to access home to show tenants

I just got out of attorney review on a home I am purchasing. It is currently vacant and only has a lock box and regular key. What is the best way to access the unit to show it to tenants? My attorney wasn’t that helpful my real estate agent lives a half hour away and doesn’t feel like going down every time my manager wishes to show the property. What are my options? I don’t want to wait until I close as that will delay my collecting rent until we find someone.


Have your agent contact the listing agent and make arrangement for you to pick up the key. Or… since it is a lock box, all you need is the code. Have your agent call the listing agent and schedule a showing and get the code. They then call you.

If there is some legal problems with you going in the house unescorted, then perhaps the listing agent can let you in. This will give you a chance to make a video of the home and snap some pictures to show your tenants.