Under $50,000 loans - Possible or Not

Yesterday I put a SFH under contract for $33,000 from a bank foreclosure. Tax assessed value is $60,700. Comps put it at around $60,000. I thought I had a lender who would fund this loan, but I guess they only fund in the major cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis. Extremely disappointing.

Do loans under $50,000 in the City but not in a major cities exist?

Thanks for information and any PM’s.


There are <50K loans out there, but the cost on them is at a premium. One place I know of charges 1.125% hit to the discount or yield over and above all of the other hits (non-owner, etc…).

I am in Texas and found a hard money lender that will loan under $50K as long as the property is appraised at $70k+.

I have called a lot of people, and even with me putting 10% down with a credit score of 720 noone can do this loan. I’m probably going to have to use a local bank. I’ll have to put 15% down ($5,000), pay the closing costs(1,000), and pay all the renovation expenses ($5,000). Plus pay all the carrying costs. Crappy!

So exactly what type of loan are you looking for? A rehab loan?

You mention rehab costs and holding cost which are typically not covered by conventional lenders. Most conventional lenders/brokers won’t touch it because it’s too low.

I know of 1 conventional lender that may be able to do at 90% depending on the doc type. But the costs are gonna be in the $6k range. This still doesn’t cover rehab and holding.

Only a hard money lender will do that. If you’re not in a metro area mny HML won’t touch it.

There is also a conventional rehab lender that may work but they won’t include closing cost.

So you’re willing to pay a higher rate and costs instead of using money out of your pocket?

I’m unclear on what you are looking for (as is LTV or ARV), so I get random…

As is property (limited cost to cure issues)
FIVA will get you 90…
SIVA will get you 85…
SISA will get you 80…
NIVA will get you 75…
NINA will get you 65…

Loan amounts down to 10,000…


Scott Miller

Or you have these options for SFH:

Full Doc - 95%
Stated/No Ratio - 85%
NINA - 80%

No Minimum Loan Amount as published in lender’s guidelines

I’m looking for a 100% loan and money for the rehab. The problem is that I can’t find anyone that will give me a loan for that low of an amount in a small town.

I have a lender that can do $30,000 purchases, roll the closing costs, and the rehab costs into the loan. He can even roll some of the mort pmts into the loan. But I found out yesterday that he can’t invest in Gilbert, MN.

Our town has a population of 20,000 and we usually buy houses under $50,000. This is how we do it. Go to the commercial department of a small local bank and get a construction type loan. If the ltv is under 80% they should have no problem funding the purchase price and rehab with no money down.
Other than that try Brookview Financial or Rehab Funding. I used to use them until I realized how much cheaper the banks were.

Neither of the aforementioned companies will entertain a loan size this small—Brookview requires 20K of liquidity…


Scott Miller

The banks are definitely cheaper. $3-6,000 in closing costs Vs. a small bank’s $700 closing costs. I’m flipping the property, so if I use my own money I’ll get it back in a month or two. In the end I’ll make more money if I use the small bank. So I guess it doesn’t matter if I get a 100% loan. I already have a possible buyer lined up for $65,000. It’s funny the buyer knows what I’m paying for it and that I’m putting about $5,000 in updates. Yet she’s happy to pay the $65,000.

This is a topic MANY investors on this site would like more information on. Thanks for the information and keep it coming if you think of anything else.

Wasn’t trying to slight any brokers here with my recommendations. I am guessing the aforementioned companies have changed their lending guidelines in the last couple of years. We probably have not used either one since 2003 or 2004, but at that time they would loan on anything above $30,000. Didnt need the $20,000 liquidity back then either.
Also, there are different times when we like to use a bank and times we like to use a mortgage broker. For flipping we like to use a bank, its cheap and its easier to take title in company name. If holding long term brokers give better rates over a longer fixed term. Still hard to take title in company name though. Also, we send our buyers to brokers to get their financing.
Just my 2 1/2 cents.

No worries mate—I was just updating your recollection…


Scott Miller

It’s getting easier to get wholesale loans titled in a business name.

I hear brokers say that there are new rules that make it very difficult to give loans under $50,000. Is this true? and what is the point of any rules like this? Small banks must not have to follow these rules.

It’s not hard at all. Most brokers don’t want to do these because they feel they can’t earn a fair compensation for services.