Client is already approved @ 7.125% 10 Year Arm 30 Year Amortization. 3% declining pre-pay and 6K in lender fees.
$437K Loan Amount
12 Unit Multi Family in Ohio

I think that’s pretty good compared to say, Silverhill, Metwest, etc., etc., etc., but they still want better…I’m scratching my head. ???


What leads them to believe that they can get better? That would appear pretty good for a commercial scenario.

What do they want? Lower rate, higher LTV? For a loan amount less than $500k, you probably won’t find any better. You might be able to get higher LTV’s if you go with a stated income program but the fees will be high.

Patti Porter

LOL…They are cash rich… :director:

They want better rates than and terms than anyone else. :bash:

Well now aren’t they special! ::slight_smile:

…That’s what I tell them.


Who is the lender you have it with now? I have a loan with similar terms and all I have found is the other lenders you mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

christopher w