Ultimate Sub2 Guidebook

I am looking at buying the Ultimate SUB 2 Guidebook or Workshop written by William Tingle. Has anyone purchased this? Would like some feedback before I shell out $250. :banghead

It is one of the best subject to courses I have seen and I have seen just about all of them.

I have been doing this for a while but I even picked up a thing or two from it.

He seems to be one of the more accessible authors on his board as well.

I would recommend it.

Its $250. If you learn at least 1 thing that could either save or make you $250, its worth it isn’t it?

I bought it a while back and while I believe it could use a update/revamp it was still worth the money spent on it.

I just got the Ron Legrand course which is really good along with the Phill Grove course. The Phill Grove course costs $1,000 but I made that on my first deal that fell thru cuz of the non refundable fee I collected. The Ron Legrand course cost $297 I never head of Williaw Tingle until I just read ur posts, and now I want to check him out also. Its difficult to say which one is best, but its the Phill Grove Amps that got me going, I just got the Ron Legrand course a week ago and Im gonna force feed all his material into my brain. I hated learning in school, but now its differant, I got a taste of this fast easy Sub to money and Im really hungry.

Thanks guys for the props on my material.

I appreciate it!