Uh-Oh! The Big Banks Don't Like Socialism Today!

The big banks love socialism when the government is giving them free taxpayer money, but don’t seem to like it when the government wants them to stop the risky transactions that were partially responsible for the crash of 2008.


Here’s my idea! FORGET THE SOCIALISM. Let banks do what they want and when they fail - LET THEM GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!! Let’s try capitalism! :bobble

Ut oh…:bobble…Mike’s smiling…

That Tuesday Senate seat loss over health care sure was a game changer.

Looks like now it’s all about jobs and getting re-elected.

Kind of hard when that Beltway Bureaucratic Boondoggle you were building gets pulled out from under.

Not to mention…Wall Street holding the Administration hostage.

Gonna be a tough slug.


The Chosen One Giveth And the Chosen One Taketh Away!!!

I wonder if Obama is also going to tax Fannie and Freddie, and GM and and and… if not, WHY not… at least the banks are paying back their loans WITH INTEREST…

Of course, Obama won’t pay that back towards the national debt, he just wants to SPEND IT…