Ugly Houses and For Sale By Owner Homes

Other than putting out a sign that say " We Buy Ugly Houses" what is a good way to find ugly houses? That are for sale by Owner . Also, what is a good way to find For Sale By Owner Homes?

Go driving for dollars. Drive around lower priced neighborhoods looking for homes with any of the following: 3 feet tall grass; boarded windows; phone books or mail piling up somewhere; hanging gutters; signs posted on the door or windows that say “Winterized”. Look for anything else that makes it stand out like a sore thumb. Write the addresses of the homes and enter the addresses of these home on your county tax assessor’s database. There you should find the name and mailing address of the owners. You’ll also find out when they bought the home and what the current assessed value is.

While driving around, you’ll also find cheap For Sale or For Rent signs - the kind you buy at stores. These will be for sale or for rent by owner homes.

To find For Sale by Owner people, you can just type FSBO or For Sale By Owner on an Internet search engine and click on the resulting websites.