Type of business??

I’m just applying for a business license - any suggestions on what I should use for “type” or “description” of my business?

I’m starting off wholesaling, but obviously I want some flexibility to pursue other strategies.

It may depend on state, but I just used “A real estate investment company, involved in property rehab, rental, management and financing.”

Before you apply for a business license, are you sure that you even need one?

As far as I know, you don’t need a license to buy real estate as an investment, any more than you would need a license to buy stocks for your own account.

Of course, these things vary by jurisdiction.

I would just say real estate investing. If you are registering an entity, then I would use real estaste investing and any other lawful business.

Thanks for the input.

Paul, I’m sure, otherwise I’d just avoid it. Asked an attorney and an accountant (both of whom I trust).