Type of Attorney?

what type of attorny am i looking for? i call some attornies and they have no clue on what im talking about. im new to this so i need to set a team up consisting an attorny, where do i look for one that is suitable of real estate investing

uh, a Real Estate lawyer…

They would be the ones to review paperwork and documents and address any legal issues in property lines or tenant problems and evictions… etc.

But as far as finding a lawyer to find you deals… I don’t think you’ll get that. Once you have the deal, you can get a real estate lawyer to review the paperwork – if really needed.

You might be better off working with an Agent who will help you find the deals and take care of the paperwork. But the best thing to do is educate yourself, so you’re not being swindled.

right but im well educated and think that now is the time to start an investment, but yeah i mean who can go over contract.

Then ya, Any lawyer can go over a contract. But it’s always best to find a real estate lawyer. They know about real estate. They can go over the contract and verify everything is legit.

But, and again it depends on the deal, a real estate agent would be able to do this. If you’re not working with one, or if you’re working with a partner, sure I’d involve a lawyer.

If you’re just wanting to have a lawyer look over documents to assure you’re ok, then that’s fine. You could even consider (and I’m NOT advertising for them because I have mixed feelings about their service) but you could always consider Pre-Paid lawyer. That way you can always have documents looked over with out paying the high prices.

The Real Estate lawyer I had to help me fight a property line dispute was $225 per hour. So expect to pay…

You don’t want a real estate lawyer. You want a lawyer that specializes or has experience in your particular issue. I have 5 real estate lawyers that handle very specific issues. Each is an expert in his area and basically inept in other areas of real estate law. That is true of all attorneys.

Pre-paid legal are the bottom of the legal system and are basically worthless for anything other than simple personal matters. They are like the doctors who work in the free clinic for the poor. They didn’t go to the top schools and didn’t graduate at the top of their classes. Whenever there is a dispute, you want the bigger gun, not a pocket knife.

I found a lawyer who specializes in asset protection. Then I plan to find a real estate lawyer who can advise on generic stuff (leases, closings). And maybe a flat fee eviction lawyer (I hope I won’t need that).

A creative real estate attorney is hard to find :slight_smile:

A lot of the RE attys I know understand creative financing but they don’t want to mess with it. A lot of lawyers are risk-averse and they don’t like having clients who are risk-takers. Or they worry about getting sued for malpractice if a deal goes bad and it looks funky to someone who comes in after the fact.

The best thing to do is go to your local real estate investors’ club meetings and see if there are any attorneys there. Or google “wraparound mortgage” in your state and see if any attorneys pop up.