TX property code

Hello everybody,
I have a couple of properties that I am leasing with option to buy. My lease contract states that the tenant is responsible for all the repairs except for the ones that the landlord is required to do by law. I read the section of TX property code regarding the repairs but I am still not sure what exactly should be my responsibility e.g. I live in South Texas, it gets pretty hot here in the summer, if the AC breaks is the repair my responsibility tenant’s? ( Per TX property code, the landlord should make an effort to repair conditions that affect physical health of safety of a tenant )
Thanks for your input.


Howdy Houseman33:

I was in the newspaper once and got a bad rap about repairs. A visitor to my property was stabbed and eventually died a few blocks away from my 5 plex. He was there to buy drugs. I was reported as the worst landlord in Austin because the tenants stove did not work. Of course when I checked into the stove problem I could not get the gas to fire up either. I finally noticed that the gas meter was locked and the tenant had no gas service.

You for sure do not want bad press like this that eventually caused me to lose the building. Trying to find ways not to fix broken ac’s in 110 degree weather is one way to be on the news with tenants complaining or worse getting heat stroke. And what if someone dies because you wanted to save a few bucks fixing the AC.

Hello Ted,
That makes sense, of course, I guess I have a few months before it warms up, though. I appreciate your opinion and the story!