two people not married on lease

I have a rental that 2 people signed a years lease on. They are broken up and the lady is afraid of the man and he has a new girlfriend. He told her she couldn’t change the locks to keep him out because his name is on lease. Can she leagally change the locks if I give her permission and take his name off of lease without his agreeing to this? This is my first experience so help???

Until she gets a restraining order against him, you have a legal duty to allow him access to the unit. Once she gets it, change the lock and call the police anytime he comes onto the property.

If the man has moved out of the property does this not represent constructive abandonment and therefore allow termination of the lease?

They both need to abandon the unit since the lease is a joint and several document.

Any other comments?
Thanks sooooo much . I MIGHT HAVE HER ABANDON IT AND MOVE BACK IN AND SIGN NEW LEASE IF That will solve problem. Thanks!!!

yeap mostly leases have a clause about them being jointly responsible for the lease. Most of the time these situations are easy and one moves out and assigns their intrest to the other person (ofcourse the other person accepts)