Two HELOCs on house, possible??

Have a mortage and a HELOC, but want a larger HELOC to give more flexibility in terms of investment options.

Thing is that my existing HELOC is at a very low rate but also at a relativele low LTV since my property value has gone up now.

So would like to add another one even if at a higher rate. If I went with a new HELOC at larger amount, the rates would be higher for any amount owed.

Can I have two HELOCs, or not?? Other options???

There is such a thing as a third mortage and the rate would be so high that it just would not be worth it for you.

I would suggest you go to your bank or credit union and ask that you recieve an adjustment to your line. Especially if you have more equity in your home due to appreciation. They may beable to do it at no additional COST.