Turning a worthless phone call into a MONEY MAKER!!

I get a LOT of phone calls on properties that people want to sell. They fall into 3 basic catagories…

  1. They want to sell it CHEAP!! (my FAVORITE!!)

  2. They want all the money.

  3. They OWE more than it’s worth.

We all know what happens with number 1!!

But number 2 & 3 don’t have to get thrown into the trash…There’s ALWAYS POTENTIAL!!!

Obviously on 2… I explain to the caller WHY I can’t pay that much and tell them I’m a CASH BUYER and can have them out of that home in DAYS!! But some people just NEED full market value for their home.

Number 3… I don’t spend a lot of time on…In my experience with BANKS, short sales are a waste of time…Your competing with TOO MANY other buyers…My favorite and most PROFITABLE way to buy real estate is DIRECTLY from the owner, NO REALTOR INVOLVED…

So you have a number 2 and 3 caller…Neither is going to sell at my price so here’s what I do.

I explain to them that I buy OLD, OUT DATED houses that need a LOT of work…Most of these homes have little to NOTHING owed on them and the owners just want OUT!..If they KNOW SOMEONE with a house like that?..CALL ME with their information…The DAY I close on that property YOU’LL get $2000!!!

Most of these people are SHOCKED to hear this…I also explain that EVERYONE knows someone with a house like this…Friends, co-workers, RELATIVES, neighbors…KEEP YOUR EARS & EYES open! If you hear a person a work talking about their AUNTS cat filled home…That could be THOU$AND$ of DOLLARS in YOUR POCKET and the house gets SOLD FAST!!!

It amazes me how many calls I get from these people…As they call I REFINE the search criteria with them and TEACH them what I’m looking for.

It’s all about EYE BALLS!!!

The MORE eye balls you have out there LOOKING…the more PROPERTY YOU BUY and the better deals you get!!!


The best part???

You won’t BELIEVE what happens to these people when you actually put that MONEY in their hands for the first time…THEN IT’S REAL…THEN you have a WORKER!!! A worker that KNOWS you pay and WANTS to find you another house.

Not all the people that you talk to will do this…Only a tiny FRACTION will ever call you. But remember this…

You only need a FEW HIGHLY MOTIVATED PEOPLE out there looking, to make a LOT OF MONEY DOING THIS!!!

great post fdjake…as usual…

getting the message out…ASKING for what you want…gets you past the hurdle and onto the next step.

got some great help from someone in London, England the other day: