Turn Key Property Companies


Can anyone comment on sites like this?


They offer turnkey properties, from buying, to rehabbing, to managing.

Are these a rip off?? If I am new to this, wouldnt this be a good way to start to learn. Get a place with them, learn the ropes, shadow as they rehab it, etc.??

Anyone have any experience with a place like this?


Check out this thread. I think it is about pretty much the same idea you have.


I dont think that post and the site I posted is the same thing.

This site who I assume wholesales houses will help you rehab it and find a tenant. Being new to this, I would like to learn how to analyze a deal and how to rehab a house. Having someone help me with that for my first few times would be beneficial. I need to try to figure out how much these guys are trying to make on it and if there are still deals here. But being able to shadow and watch the process from start to finish in the rehab then finding a tenant would be a great place to start.

Any experience with these?

OK. I tried searching for a few minutes and that’s what I found. I thought there was another thread on here at one point about a company doing what you’re talking about. There were a lot of complaints that the company over-promised and under-delivered. Come to Mississippi for a visit and I’ll teach you for free.

Ha. Take him up on that.

Justin knows what he’s talking about!

Ha, I wish I could…

If I ever do head that way Ill let you know.

Does anyone know if these companies are semi legit, or will it be a ripoff in the end?

Ie. I dont mind paying a grand or 2 premium to learn the ropes on a property, but 10k+ would be alittle out of bounds…